Thursday, August 7, 2014

The "No" of Affirmation

Have you ever heard anyone, including yourself, begin an affirmative response to a statement with the word "no"? For example:

Person 1: I think Idiocracy is hilarious.
Person 2: No, I do, too.

I promise you -- you have. It's an interesting phenomenon, since the statement is one of agreement or affirmation, yet it begins with a term of disagreement or negation. Why, you may ask? I have asked as well. Habits of speech? I would say so.

In any case, now that you've heard about it, you can start listening for it. You may be surprised at how often you hear it -- I was (especially from myself).

You may think this topic has no place here, but my experience has been, since I noticed this, that when I hear it, I find it rather amusing. Hence, the location. (Everything but this paragraph cross-posted at geekiness...)


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