Friday, June 24, 2016

Shatner: the introduction

As boy, I was a big Star Trek fan. I watched the show every night, I read and owned a number of books, I went to conventions (and asked George Takei a question), I shopped at the Federation Trading Post, and was so vocal in my enthusiasm that one inscription in my sixth grade year book (from someone who had noted certain aspects of the show) said "Capt. Lubarr to the bridge, beautiful girl to make out with."

I still enjoy the show (mostly just TOS), but, now, my tastes have changed. Now, it's so often about William Shatner. Why? Because of episodes such as The Enemy Within. Or this. Or this (with masterfully arranged images). Or this.

But lest you think I only like Shatner at his goofiest, I will tell you this: I think that the single best bit of acting on the original Star Trek is the stoic sadness on his face as he walks through the Enterprise at the very end of Balance of Terror. And, believe me, I have watched a lot of Star Trek.


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