Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Didn't Know There'd Been a Change to the Bill of Rights

In case you were concerned that the Internet was just a pile of useless information (for example, this blog), I learned something verrry useful while wasting time looking at a real estate listing: apparently, the right of assembly has been rescinded. In a listing of recent police activity, I saw the following:

Now, there may be other explanations:
  • It's actually been the right to free speech that's been rescinded, not the right of assembly. (After all, the right of assembly was always one of those C-list rights anyway.)
  • The speech was so bad that it was prosecuted as literally an assault on the audience's ears.
  • The L is a typo and it was an indecent exposure arrest.
  • There were a bunch of people in one place, so they had a cop around. Most likely, but not very interesting. After all, what would Alex Jones say?

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